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About Us

Leading the way, NCA is built upon a passion and dedication to succeed - The Work Is Worth It.

NCA is the world's most original cheerleading company. With a dedication to innovation and a passion for leadership NCA has paved the way for modern day cheerleading. The forefather of many cheerleading "firsts" Lawrence Herkimer is the pioneer of the most prestigious cheerleading company in the world - The National Cheerleaders Association.

For every cheerleader that has held a Pom Pom or been passed a along the Spirit Stick - they are a part of something BIG - the NCA legacy that continues to lead in Cheerleading Camps, Competitions, and Spirit.

NCA is proud to have served many generations of cheerleaders and dancers around the world. And, we move forward each year with enthusiasm and dedication to teams and coaches. Our commitment to the development, strong support of school athletic teams, pursuit of skills excellence and safety, and the always important teamwork. These core principles are the fundamentals necessary for each young athlete to act with integrity, inspire excellence in others, and become the leaders of tomorrow.


NCA - National Cheerleaders Association

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