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Camp Management Team


The Varsity Camp Administration staff are staffed at NCA camps to ensure the safety and security of all participants and coaches attending camp.

Camp Administrator responsibilities for each camp are listed below:

  1. Responsible for general safety and security at camp
  2. Formulates an Emergency Action Plan based upon camp location and available resources
  3. Available 24 hours a day from the time registration begins until the last campers leave
  4. Works with campus personnel to ensure all safety procedures are followed and enforces all camp and facility rules
  5. Conducts nightly bed checks of all participants
  6. Assists in the prevention of injuries by inspecting facilities and/or fields for potential hazards and keeping a close watch on the weather for extreme heat or lightning

For more information and/or to apply for the opportunity to work on the VCA team, please click the appropriate link below:

NCA - National Cheerleaders Association

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