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GAME TIME Divisions

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On every sideline,
In every halftime show,
In every school across America...
It's Game Time!

Game Time Divisions were created to showcase what traditional cheerleading is all about - leading the crowd! For this competition, there is no preparation needed - really! Teams can step off the sideline and into the competition.

Game Time Divisions are available at all NCA School Team Championships.

Choose to compete in 1, 2 or all 3 Game Time Divisions (listed and explained below) AND you can compete in a Performance Division too!

Cheer teams are encouraged to include other sideline spirit groups (i.e. dance team, song/pom, mascot, pep/short flag etc.), but the sideline spirit groups will not be judged separately.

Only at NCA can you win National Championship trophies, jackets and banners!

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Time Out Cheer
Rules and Restrictions

Showcase your best sideline crowd-leading material. The use of signs, poms, flags, and/or megaphones is encouraged.

  • 1 minute 15 seconds time limit.
  • Time will begin and end with buzzer sound - similar to a Time Out at a game.
  • Emphasis on crowd involvement.
  • At least 2 components required from the following: cheers, chants, traditional yells, and/or drum cadences.
  • No music permitted. Drum Cadence can be used (CD or Live Drummers).
  • No baskets, sponge, elevator, or similar type tosses permitted.
  • No inversions and/or twisting into or out of stunts.
  • No single leg extended stunts.
  • Maximum tumbling difficulty allowed is a standing back handspring.
  • View the comprehensive Rules and Restrictions

Fight Song
Rules and Restrictions

Perform your favorite school fight song.

  • 1 minute 15 seconds time limit.
  • Up to three eight counts may be incorporated with stunts, tumbling, and/or jumps.
  • Same skill restrictions as listed in Time Out Cheer Rules and Restrictions.
  • View the comprehensive Rules and Restrictions

Time Out Dance
Rules and Restrictions

Perform your favorite time out dance.

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