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Mascot Training

NCA works to develop the best mascots in the nation—and we want to work with your school!

Designed by the country’s best mascots, this program will help your mascot reach new heights! Teams with mascots are encouraged to attend Camps that offer the Mascot Program so both can work together to improve unity and school spirit.

At Summer Camp, mascots will:

  • Train with experienced NCA mascot instructors
  • Compete to become an All-American Mascot
  • Earn ribbons, spirit sticks, medals, and trophies
  • Learn skits to entertain at pep rallies and games
  • Receive a Mascot Manual and DVD with skit ideas for you to take home and perform for your own audience.
  • Mascot Curriculum
  • 4 Day Schedule

What to Expect

While cheerleaders are working hard to learn routines and skills, our mascots are doing the same thing! Mascots will explore such important guidelines as:

  • The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of being a Mascot, AKA, the Mascot Commandments.
  • Getting your Mascot in the game. We will show you how to incorporate your mascot in your cheer performance by learning the art of staging, sign showmanship, and overall team building.
  • Improvisational skills using various games and scenarios.
  • Every night at a Mascot camp is Mascot Madness! Our mascots use this time to showcase what they have learned at camp that day. It is a fun time for all!

What to Bring

Beside all of the necessary materials you will also need:

  • Your mascot suit and any costumes you may want to wear
  • Plenty of dress out clothes (you will be getting sweaty)
  • Water bottle to stay hydrated
  • All camp participants may also bring a prepared two-minute skit to camp – complete with props and music – for a chance to perform and possibly become an All-American Mascot

Game Day!

  • Game day is the number one component in the art of “Mascoting.” At every overnight camp your mascots will work with their teammates to create a half-time skit that will be performed during the Game Day evaluation on night two.
  • This skit should incorporate the entire team.
  • Props are encouraged.
  • Music will not be allowed for this skit.
  • After your mascot has performed their game day skit with their squad, they will continue to get the crowd involved as the cheerleaders perform their evaluation.

Mascot All American Tryout Information

  • A 1:30-2:00 minute skit is required
  • The skit must have an overall theme, crowd interaction, and elements of surprise
  • The skit must be choreographed to music and props
  • Skits may include live assistants to help with props and music