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Since 1948, NCA has been dedicated to providing cheerleading instruction and competitive opportunities for cheerleaders, with an emphasis on leadership and safety. Unlike other athletic activities, the responsibilities of a cheerleader extend far beyond competition. Leadership in the school and elevating school spirit at games, pep rallies, community events and fundraisers are all integral parts of a cheerleader's role.

As the partner in building strong school spirit programs, this new credentialing program has been developed in conjunction with the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). Our history with the NFHS has spanned more than twenty years, and we share the same values. We have collaborated with the NFHS on educational efforts, and their website hosts spirit rules and safety curriculum for spirit coaches.

The Varsity Spirit/NFHS Squad Credentialing program will be taught this summer at NCA Camps and will focus on the importance of safety, leadership, and the five key pillars to a successful spirit program. The Squad Credentialing program will be a requirement for participation at NCA's NHSCC in 2017 and beyond.


Cheerleading is a tremendous responsibility and honor of building a strong sense of school spirit within the schools. When cheerleaders do this well, school spirit rises and students achieve greater success!

Crowd Leader

The title “cheerleader” explains it all, leading the crowd through cheers! Cheerleaders motivate the crowd and rally them to get on their feet and help cheer the team on to victory.

Spirit Raisers

Spirit raising is taking the pride that cheerleaders have for their school and spreading it to their fellow students and community members. Whether it means making signs and encouraging their peers to attend the big game, or keeping the energy up during the game, spirit lives here!


Being a school ambassador within the community is a key part of being a cheerleader. As one of the most visible student athletes, cheerleaders should be friendly, know the facts about their school, set a good example for other students and spread spirit.


Cheerleading requires strength, endurance and technique to execute the skills used in crowd leading. Stunts, pyramids, jumps and tumbling are also a focus for cheer teams who compete too. Cheerleaders should have dedication to improving their skills through the year.


Cheerleaders use their crowd leading tactics, spirit and athleticism to entertain the crowd on game day, especially during Time Outs, Halftime, and pep rallies. Through the use of stunts, tumbling, jumps and dance, cheerleaders are an essential part of the in-game entertainment.


Through our camps, we have consistently stressed safety awareness classes that emphasize the importance of proper technique and progressions for all cheerleaders. There is no more important issue in cheerleading than safety. Our goal moving forward is to continue to make cheerleading safer and safer, and to ensure that our athletes understand it is vital in their team's success. We will go through a Safety Awareness and Spotting Seminar before we start stunt class, too!


From individuals leading within a squad to a squad leading on campus and in the community, spirit leaders will focus on developing the fundamental NFHS leadership skills. The four crucial aspects of leadership as stated by the NFHS are communication, team building, problem solving, and motivation. The NCA Staff will lead you every step of the way through the Squad Credentialing Program!