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  • Camp Location Website: University of Southern Mississippi
  • Performance session is staffed with 1 instructor per team
  • Dorm room accommodations
  • Traditional and Performance sessions offered
  • Arena for Final Day Competitions
  • Camp held indoors
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Stan Tabor, at


  • If you're attending the NCA Performance session, your buddy instructor will contact you a few days before camp-be sure to let them know your team’s skill level! You can even send them video clips of stunts or pyramids you’re currently working! - Lyndy
  • If you can make time to work on stunt basics before camp, you’ll get even more out of NCA Performance!  We can help you move on to more elite skills!  - Paul
  • Century Park dorms are some of the best dorms around!  Each room has its own bathroom, and it’s a short walk to the cafeteria and gym!  - Whitney
  • Bring your bible every day you're attending the Christian camp session. A journal will be provided. - William


  • "The Performance Camp was perfect for our needs! Century Park lodging was nice!" - Coach Shalonda Skidmore, Iberville Math and Science Academy
  • "NCA Performance Camps encompass the team building and spirited fun of a traditional camp while also providing instruction and the TIME to learn new skills. You and your team have the freedom to work on what you need for the season and have your own buddy is an added bonus!" - Brandy, Long Beach High School
  • "What I love about NCA Camp is that it focused not only on the material, but it focuses on the concept of TEAM and working together to achieve a common goal.....and everyone had a ton of fun while doing it!"- Tamika, Jim Hill High School
  • "We attended the Christian camp session. The devotionals & worship were really amazing. Thank you for offering this camp & this staff." - Coach Jennifer, Bracken Christian School