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  • Traditional and Performance Camp options
  • The true camp experience and top notch team bonding program
  • Camp is held both outdoor and indoor
  • Cabin accommodations
  • Camp Location Website:
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Kayla Gibson, at


  • Coaches, don’t be afraid to ask the head instructors questions if you ever feel lost at camp. We are always here to help make your experience as easy and fun as possible! Come prepared to learn new things at our coaches meetings; we want you to feel open to discuss your upcoming season throughout all of our sessions, especially swap-shop! -Head Instructor, Avery Watson
  • Come prepared for FUN DAY! I want to see you at camp wearing your craziest outfits and ready to warm-up to the legendary JUMP-N-WAVE! Day 3 is considered Fun-Day but we all know that every day is fun! -Head Instructor, Ben Weeter
  • Camp is a lot of fun and a lot of work. Don’t be afraid to ask any of the staff for their help. We are always here to answer your questions and take care of you! -NCA Instructor, Sierra Boardman
  • Being at Lake Bryn Mawr makes me feel at home. Come to camp with intentions of making it feel like your home too! Make yourself comfortable with your cabin, dining hall, and the NCA Staff. Embrace the true ‘camp’ atmosphere, be open to learn new things, and get ready to have the best 4 days of your life! -NCA Instructor, Michele Coppola
  • Bring your own snacks for breaks - fresh fruit and granola bars are a good, healthy source of energy! -William
  • Bring a fan and lots of water! Camp is held outdoors, so you'll need them for sure! -Dumo
  • Fun, fast and high-energy camp! Come prepared to learn! -Tucker


"I love going to Bryn Mawr because of the memories, the staff, and the experience. I went there as a cheerleader myself and still have these memories today. NCA staff doesn't waste time, they teach you skills, you learn, and grow. Not only did my team increase their skills but they bonded too. There is nothing like an NCA, Bryn Mawr experience." - Stephanie, Ketcham High School

"My Varsity and JV teams have attended Bryn Mawr for the past 9 years and would not even consider attending any other camp. The NCA Curriculum is fantastic! We are able to use everything that we learn at camp for the season. NCA Staff is always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the material and are always willing to "change it up" based on our teams ability. The bond formed between the "NCA Buddy" and the girls in such a short time is amazing! The facilities at Bryn Mawr are exceptional from the food (which we especially look forward to), indoor facilities, and camp staff to the spacious cabins...If you are looking for an exceptional camp experience.... NCA and Bryn Mawr are the best!" - Kim, Northwest Area Varsity

"Where to begin is the hardest part! This year was our first time at Bryn Mawr and Wow!!"

"The cabins were clean and roomy. The girls loved the fact that we were all together in one room. It made for a lot of team bonding and getting to know the coaches too."

"The camp grounds were awesome, lots of room to practice and places to have fun. The options for outdoor and indoor sessions were great. We all loved the cafeteria area as it was clean, organized and had plenty of great food to eat! The cafe staff were great! They were full of smiles and very polite."

"NCA staff: I just LOVED them! Sean as head instructor was amazing! He sent out emails ahead of time and I felt like I knew him before we attended camp. He shared so much knowledge with us and answered all our questions. He kept our coaches classes moving and exciting. I am hoping he's running camp again next year! We Jordan as our buddy and she was the perfect match for us! The girls really connected with her in many ways. She had a way of encouraging them to try things out of their comfort zone. The rest of the staff were great! I can honestly say one of our best camps!"

"The red shirt awesome!! She did an amazing job also. Our girls actually looked forward to bed check just to say hello to her."

"While having dinner on our first night at camp I mentioned to the girls at my table where should we go next year and they looked at me and said ‘Really? We want to come back here!"

"Our team had a great camp experience and we are all looking forward to next year. I am so happy you have dates already so we can plan." -Tammy Schuster, Red Land High School