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  • Indoor, matted, air conditioned practice facility
  • Dorm room accommodations
  • Facilities are in close proximity of each other
  • Great food and dining choices
  • Camp Location Information:
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Kayla Gibson, at


  • There is no fun day like a Shippensburg fun day! Bring items to dress up for Fun Day and get ready for a good time! - Frank
  • Come to camp with a positive attitude and lots of energy. We work hard and have a lot of fun; can’t wait to meet you all! - Lindsay
  • Coaches: Show up with an open mind and remember that your Head Instructors are here to answer all of your questions. We have a GREAT time during our coaches meetings; use them to your advantage. – Joel


"The indoor practice facility at Shippensburg is wonderful…there was plenty of room for all of the schools that were there for camp; they had the daily coaches’ meetings right across the hall from where the girls were practicing with the NCA Staff. Everything was so efficient and ran very smoothly. The dining hall that we went to each day for our meals was very spacious and always had plenty of food to offer. The overall campus was beautiful and the security and staff were always very pleasant to work with during our stay. Without question, my squad will be going back to Shippensburg University for the NCA Cheer Camp again next year!" - Kathleen, Conrad Weiser High School

"I have been attending NCA camps for many, many years.  Even as far back as 30+ years ago when I was in school.  I have been coaching for over 20 years and have always sent my kids to NCA camps for a number of reasons:
1)    Love the curriculum.   NCA teaches game day cheers/chants as well as performance material.  We have used stunts and pyramids learned at camp for both game day and competitions.
2)    Shippensburg is a great facility.  Love the indoor facility with mats, etc.  Large enough to accommodate a large group at camp and not a far walk from dorms or cafeteria.   Food is a little less desirable, but the dorms are great.  Girls love them.
3)    Our last and most important reason we attend NCA is the STAFF.   Throughout our years of attending Millersville, Etown and now Shippensburg, we have become close with the staff and they are great.  We love having a good relationship with the staff.  They may only see us once a year, but they remember us and treat us like family (which I love).   We tried another company one year and I will never go back.  Staff was not as personal and hands on as NCA.   I felt like we got swallowed up and went unnoticed.   As long as I am coaching, Lebanon High School will be attending NCA camps.  Hopefully at Shippensburg." 
- Jamie Roth, Lebanon High School