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  • Resort Hotel accommodation with up to 6 per room
  • Resort provides linens and towels
  • Water parks and pools available to enjoy during breaks
  • Exceptional food service and there is a Starbucks on property
  • Camp is held in an indoor, matted ballroom with air conditioning
  • Shop the latest trends in cheer fashion at the on-site Varsity Spirit Shop
  • Camp Location Website:
  • For more information, contact your NCA State Director, Ashley Paradise, at


  • Bring a great attitude ready to learn! Team bonding at this camp is top notch and so is the material you will learn. - Ben
  • Bring your own snacks for breaks - fresh fruit and granola bars are a good, healthy source of energy! - William
  • Bring a water bottle to refill at hydration stations. Camp can be hard work sometimes, so be prepared! - Jessie
  • Fun, fast and high-energy camp! Come prepared to learn! - Tucker


"I enjoyed the coaches workshops. I liked that they broke down a few of the stunts for us in the meeting so that we learned how to coach them."
-Coach Kelly

"Our head instructor was amazing!"
-Coach Jordyn

"My girls were treated with love and respect."
-Coach Heather

"Camp was absolutely wonderful. Everyone from the NCA staff to the Varsity staff to the Great Wolf Lodge staff did everything to make it the best experience for our cheerleaders."
-Coach Sandi

“We love the energy, warmth and professionalism. The cheerleaders always have a blast and make great memories here!"
- Coach, Skyview High School

"We're a small team from a small town. NCA treated like every other team, regardless of our lack of cheer experience. My girls felt comfortable and the Staff helped to build their confidence in themselves as individuals and as a team. The coaches classes were great - I especially enjoyed the focus on building a strong leadership program with my team. Thank you for facilitating the experience of a lifetime for my girls, I'm forever grateful!"
- Coach Sandi, Waldport High School