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NCA All-Star Nationals


NCA All-Star National Championship
February 24 - 27, 2017
Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
Dallas, TX

Tentative competition schedule:

Friday, Feb 24
Prelims: L1, L4, and L4.2
Saturday, Feb 25
Finals: L1, L4, and L4.2

Saturday, Feb 25
Prelims: L2 and L3
Sunday, Feb 26

Finals: L2 and L3

Sunday, Feb 26
Prelims: L5, L5R, L6, and Special Athlete
Monday, Feb 27

Finals: L5, L5R, L6, and Special Athlete

*Tiny and Mini teams will now compete at the NCA All-Star Mini & Prep National Championship!

Be sure to follow the music guidelines for this event. Go to for the latest resources.

Nationally Televised on CBS Sports Network

NCA All-Star National Championship Small Show: April 2, April 8, April 17, May 1
NCA All-Star National Championship Medium Show: April 10, April 17, April 24, May 1
NCA All-Star National Championship Large Show: April 17, April 24, May 1

*Please check your local listings for exact air times.


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2016 Spectator Packet

  • Friday, February 19: $20
  • Saturday, February 20: $25
  • Sunday, February 21: $25
  • Weekend Pass: $45

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Cheer & Dance Worlds

The Summit

NCA Level Eligibility Policy

All teams must compete in their legitimate USASF level. Teams that move to a lower USASF level prior to attending NCA Nationals are allowed to do so, provided they competed at least once in their new level at one or more USASF competitions prior to February 19, 2016. Should a team’s Level Eligibility be questioned by another program, NCA will request documentation of that team’s participation at a previous event.

Divisions & Crossovers

Unlimited Crossovers will continue to be allowed at all NCA events with the exception of NCA All-Star Nationals. Crossovers at NCA ALL-STAR NATIONALS WILL BE ALLOWED given the following restrictions:

1. Participant may only crossover into a division within the same USASF level (exception: L4.2 athletes may cross to both L4 and L2).
2. A maximum of five crossover participants is allowed per team (exception: L5 Junior team—not L5 Junior Restricted--are allowed a maximum of 8 crossovers).
3. Participant may only represent one program.
4. Participant may only represent up to a maximum of two teams.

NCA always attempts to ensure teams from the same program do not have overlapping performances during the preliminary schedule. However, NCA cannot guarantee that a performance overlap will not occur during the final schedule. If a team violates the crossover rule, the second and each subsequent team will receive a 10.0 deduction off of their final score for each illegal participant. Maximum penalty is 20.0.

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2015 Championship Results & Information

Athlete ID required

Athlete ID Required

USASF Athlete ID required before your first competition.  Every athlete must be registered.  Register online at